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Visit our storeYou can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster.

Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster.
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The power of stratagem and technology is understood

Big Data, Little Steps. We monitor little digital footprints and create a great picture to build the best digital strategy.

Hong Kong and Taipei Shanghai

Our local team of specialists, headquartered in Hong Kong with two local offices in Shanghai and Taipei, has vast resources, strong industry expertise, and the newest digital trends in the Greater China area and local markets.

We are a socialist INITIATE.

We start on our 2014 adventure with our enthusiasm for technology development and execution to offer our customers the finest social experiences and digital marketing automation.

We are proud of our in-house, self-developed social platform management tool. With years of expertise driving data technology, we listen to social behaviors that enable us to customize and provide our unique MarTech solutions. The digital world is constantly evolving, and digital development is an endless process. Our technological team worked tirelessly to add new capabilities to our social listening tool to ensure that it exceeds expectations to satisfy all of your requirements.

Our experienced digital marketing and creative team integrate MarTech with digital solutions and offer a comprehensive plan that your business needs. We are targeted and aware of each dollar you spend on talking at the appropriate time and on the correct channels to your key influencers and clients.

Technical – Technologies of digital marketing

We are well aware of the development of the most sophisticated digital technology.

  • Custom software
  • Systems of content management (CMS)
  • Web and mobile apps
  • Systems of workflow
  • Solutions for eCommerce
  • And more. And more.
  • Our newly created Social CRM System, a candidate for innovation awards, improves the efficiency and efficacy of your digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing – Hong Kong Social Media China

Our local experts bring you the most suitable MarTech and digital strategies, including websites, mobile, CRM, SEOs, and social media management tools, based on our extensive knowledge, creative marketing tactics, and comprehensive user behavior analytics on all popular social media platforms (WeChat and Weibo, Facebook, etc.).

Creative and design – promotion of digital marketing

Our company offers copywriting, social media graphics, advertising creatives, signboards, and video production services.

Our creative specialists on all three markets guarantee that your digital content is of the appropriate style and culture in a local context.

Creativity Powered by Data Intelligence
Creativity Powered by Data Intelligence

Established in 2014, INITSOC is an experienced, creative, and enthusiastic digital marketing agency with a team of digital professionals that strive to foster the new on our exciting path via digital marketing. We provide MarTech (Marketing Technology) and digital solutions tailor-made one-stop, combine technology with digital solutions to get the greatest social outcomes.

We understand our consumer behaviors well enough to develop the most creative tactics, maximize efficiency, performance, and critical customer communication using our expertise in data technology.

As an award-winning digital marketing firm in Hong Kong, we are an important and trusted partner. Our teams will discuss the business solutions you need to maximize your digital marketing performance.

Management of Social Media – Hong Kong and China
Management of social media

Planning and marketing of content
Segmentation of Wall Game Audience
Report on social performance

Marketing technology — marketing technology for Facebook and WeChat

Design and development of Web / APP
Chatbot on Facebook
WeChat Mini-Development Program
Development of e-shops (China / Overseas)

Creative & Design – Social marketing media
Design & Creative

Chinese Social Media Content IG AR Filter Animations/Video Production Localized Social Media Content IG AR

Digital Advertising – Digital Advertising Strategy for Hong Kong and China

SEM and Google SEO
Social Media Influence, KOL, KOC Retargeting and Advertising Strategy China, HK and & TW

Looking for the best digital marketing solutions in China?
We have outstanding digital marketing in-house technologies, years of know-how on today’s Chinese digital projects, and a team of local specialists in Hong Kong and Shanghai to develop the best MarTech and digital solutions to help you reach your potential customers and communicate the personality of your brand to Chinese audiences in social media for the most interesting stories.

For many years, we have been offering services on Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, RED (xiaohongshu), and Meituan Dianping. We have also established a wide publicity network in China, including Baidu, 360, iQiyi, Sogou, etc.

We have serviced customers from various sectors and geographical areas with varied digital marketing requirements and objectives. We are our customers’ trusted digital agency! Please find out more about our amazing Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and worldwide digital marketing projects!

As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong to offer digital marketing services across borders (China – Hong Kong – Taiwan – Overseas), we are proud to deliver outstanding digital marketing and take advantage of innovative marketing technology and social networking strategy to optimize conversion and loyalty management.

Our Local Offices
In Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, we have local digital marketing specialists that collaborate and develop the finest digital strategies based on the latest local marketing trends and insights. The team has provided our regional customers with the finest digital marketing results via award-winning digital solutions, goal-oriented media placement tactics, unique influencer marketing solutions, and e-commerce solutions.

WeChat Official Marketing Account Setup

Help foreign businesses to build up their official WeChat cross-border account and to establish a brand objective account.


Calling and sharable content for Chinese audience communication, acquisition, and retention.


WeChat publicity, varied ad, media & KOL, global advertising outbound, and network partnership comprise various advertising channels.


Payment WeChat

Receive client payment outline and WeChat offline, making your customer’s transaction simpler.

Execution of strategies

Creative branding strategic planning, fan development, B2C, O2O strategy, promotion, application, and more.

Report & Analysis

Self-developed social CRM enables individual user data for further marketing to be tracked and analyzed.

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Cross-border commercialization

Encourage your brand and reach your target consumers across borders with WeChat Pay integration, mini-program, and other promotional and technological channels.

Mouth Marketing Word

INITSOC has built vast links and proven viral marketing methods in China to promote your product or campaign. The usage of buzz marketing maximizes word-of-mouth potential by using KOLs, KOCs, advertising, hashtags, and other marketing techniques in the digital realm on the best-fit platform(s). We strive to distinguish your brand or goods in China!

  • WeChat, Weibo, Dianping, Meituan, RED (Little Red Book/Xiaohongshu), etc., are our partnering platforms.
  • Marketing WeChat
  • Marketing of Weibo
  • Dingping marketing in Meituania
  • Little red book commercialization
  • Development Program
  • Page / Mini-Spiel
  • Designers and programmers in-house make campaigns stronger and more engaging.
  • Mini-Program
  • An eco-system of APPs doesn’t need to be downloaded to suit your requirements.
  • Program of Loyalty
  • Data gathering, membership administration loyalty points.
  • WeChat Shop
  • Shopping, trading, and viewing all occurring at the WeChat shop.
  • Social CRM of INITSOC
  • Management of Account
  • .Editor Post
  • Segmentation of the message
  • Tracking and analysis of data
  • .Labeling of Customer
  • .Viral Monitor Index
  • 360° report report
  • .Competence Analytics
  • Insight Out Spot
  • Grow your Chinese audience

What is standing out for your CRM?
Today, customer relationship management (CRM) uses social platforms to analyze client behavior, and coupon marketing is one of CRM’s most popular methods to encourage purchasing.

Combining coupon marketing with the Social CRM system guarantees that the data gathering process is quicker, more personalized, and more accurate in support of retargeting. Read our real estate client’s case study below to discover more about SCRM’s advantages for today’s retail malls.

The SCRM Management System Behind Offers
The HK-based blue-chip real estate company offers unique rights in its commercial centers via a website, i.e., a management platform that offers various services such as food, retail, and entertainment. How does the backend SCRM system make possible clients loyal?

Centralized Cross-Platform Collection of Data

Customers may receive promotional information from the Website via various online or offline channels, including Facebook Ad and WeChat Official Accounts, Chatbot games, or promotional kiosks, even at shopping centers. The website allows single log-in cross-platform. To obtain e-coupons, consumers only need a click to register through Facebook, WeChat, cellphone numbers, and other social media accounts. Data may be gathered and centrally aggregated to maximize every dollar you spend on marketing!

CRM Blog Graphic Step2 Step2 Customer Comportement Analysis and Data Collection

Upon entering the system, consumers may browse e-coupons as desired and download them. The SCRM system tracks, records, and analyzes all personal behaviors and activities of the customer browsing processes. The SCRM system recognizes individual consumer conduct by collecting and analyzing these personal facts. To reach many prospective consumers, you need no longer depend on conventional social network advertising.

Step 3 Retargeting Access personalized promotion CRM.

Customers prefer to disregard publicity that is unrelated to their requirements or interests. It would be best to keep it warm with updates that resonate with it to build consumer interest in your business. You can correctly provide the right advertisements via retargeting with an in-depth knowledge of their unique preferences. Therefore, the personalized marketing approach is important to maintain consumer awareness and drive consumption!

The key to the SCRM is the distribution of e-coupons and the creation of a “personalized cycle.” Unlike conventional CRM, before buying clients, the SCRM system may monitor and gather personalized data. The technology would also reinforce client loyalty depending on user interest data collected.

Talk to us if you wish to improve your marketing plan further and digitalize it! To learn more about our digital marketing services, visit INITSOC on Facebook or Linkedin.

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