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Expert advice for hits on your website

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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

Knowledge is power… yet knowledge, on the other hand, implies not much power! Web analytics packages are the method to understand your consumers and their conduct — the way they seek and react to what they discover. You may spend a lot of money and lots of time on online marketing techniques without a web analytics package. In addition, if you don’t know how to understand or don’t utilize the data given for your web analytics package, additional time will be lost. Here we look at why you need a web analytics package and what to do with all that valuable data once you have collected it.

Basically, you can observe how people utilize your website using web analytics software. A website costs you money, and you need to explain why you invest money to attract paying consumers with your website.

A web analytics package should, at a minimum, identify information concerning your site, including the number of hits received (both per individual website and overall), the number of unique visitors to your site, what pages attract visitors to your site, and what pages make them leave; what are your top references, which links are used to access your site; search for information on your sites. More sophisticated web analytics solutions illustrate the click pathways or a visual representation of the journey someone has taken on the website. To evaluate your online marketing approach, you may have a conversion rate that shows you the proportion of visits or visitors requested to make a purchase, use a contact form, or register.

When you use tools from an internet marketing firm, such as article distribution, article marketing, distribution of press releases, or link development, your web analytics will assist in evaluating how they perform. You can check how many users visited your website through the About the author box link or via a specific news release. You can also check which connections work best for you, determine whether you want to promote your top hit earners or concentrate on the roads that are not as popular.

For many businesses, incoming links are the most revealing element of a web analysis tool. When you start an online marketing campaign with an Asian Web analytics business or digital marketing company in Bangkok, the best firms suggest that you distribute items and distribute press releases. While all the indexed links in the About the Author boxes generally cannot be seen, you can definitely notice the number of visits to your website increasing using your web analytics program. These tools not only allow you to optimize your online marketing approach but also rapidly persuade you that a company website forms an important part of life!

Quality over quantity on business websites

Quality above quantity: a reality in life for so many things. The maxim is true of online marketing and internet marketing techniques in general — more is not necessarily better. The prohibition of keywords is a recent example. Still, the concept should cover every area of your business website design to improve your ranking of search engines as much as feasible.

Many companies appear to be afraid to delete information from their websites if one day it is required. This fear of disclosure may actually drive consumers away — top internet consultants and marketing firms are seeing users leave websites that include too much information. Websites should be simple and relevant. Else the danger is that consumers who come to your site are frustrated that they cannot locate the information they seek. Worse yet is the addition of material that doesn’t have to exist. Many businesses think that adding more material to their search engine rankings with relevant keywords helps. While you may get more clicks on your website, consumers will also go without buying or obtaining the information they need.

Indeed, counsel for many website optimization services does not have much to do with content but focuses instead on the quality of the contents and how the website is constructed. This is one of the most important elements of a good online marketing plan. There are additional important things to attract consumers, like understanding your keywords, ensuring that keywords are included in tags and content, that JavaScript and CSS are accompanied by content, making sure your company contact information is accessible on each page and you are connected to them.

There are additional methods to improve the quantity of website-focused material without actually putting this information on your site. Dissemination services for press releases, distribution of articles, and marketing of articles are every method to accomplish this objective. Ask your Thailand Internet Consulting Service or Thailand SEO professional how these online marketing techniques may be used in your business.

Also, it is much more essential to build your website than to have a lot of material on your website. The construction of your CSS website may be a suitable complement to PR distribution services and online marketing products. Building a website using CSS or changing an existing website to a CSS-based style may decrease your bandwidth use, save hosting money and help load pages more quickly. It may assist you in improving the ranking of your search engine by simplifying page code and making it simpler to index the code.

New Media Age Corporate Branding

Technology is becoming an important element of how we buy – eBay and Amazon are familiar names across the globe. Before we purchase anything, we google it, and more websites for comparison shopping are available on the web than you can be stuck on. Technology also must play an important role in advertising businesses to their consumers if they want to survive and flourish in a new media age. You must identify new methods of connecting with your clients, utilize your imagination in your web marketing plan, and ensure that your content fits with your brand to optimize your search engine ranking for converting rates. Business relationships and possibilities must also be focused on. In the new media age of online marketing, we look at what it means to understand and develop your brand.

It isn’t easy to create an online brand for web marketing strategy without passing all the traditional, non-technological criteria for brand creation. Your brand requires a vision – a long-term objective that is practical but highly aspiring and makes you sufficiently successful in the specialized market. You need to know the values of your business to utilize in internet marketing campaigns, viral marketing, and optimization efforts in your search engine. You must know both the advantages and disadvantages of your product – not every product is appropriate for everyone regardless of the universal appearance of an internet marketing service! You must guarantee that these advantages have a good impact on your client’s emotions – that is to say, that your internet marketing efforts are directed towards health, money, relations, and sex.

One of the most important brand construction tasks, however, is how you fulfill your brand promises. If your Internet Marketing services push your client service expertise as one of the strengths of your brand, but customers wait for more than 120 minutes to stand by, only to find unhelpful staff, your organization not only loses its customers but also destroys confidence – a kind of viral marketing without which you can certainly do so.

Marketing affiliate networks are an excellent method to develop a brand, continue linking your research engine optimization efforts, and profit in general from your online marketing strategies. They are a far less expensive type of PPC advertising and create goodwill with your affiliates. You should create one if your business doesn’t already have a blog. Frequent material is excellent for search engine ranking optimization, whether engaging a blog writer who can convey your voice naturally or writing your voice to a senior team member.

Email is also a free and efficient instrument for internet marketing and brand building. Making sure your brand appears on your e-mail signature (and first, utilizing an e-mail signature) is one simple method to ensure consistency with your brand. E-mail newsletters are another viral and regular internet marketing strategy that indirectly benefits brand development in addition to advertising services and goods.

The Google Web sites ranking technique has become one of the most frequently used goods globally if not the most penetrating product. Knowing Google’s methods and processes have not been foolproof, but it has become important for internet marketing, viral marketers, and search engine optimization services. Google now has a new tool to advertise social networks – a patent technique pending to harness the click’s power. We discuss its effect and how it connects to the fundamentals of social network marketing.

The new Google viral marketing tool basically produces a score that gives you a rank according to your colleagues’ impact on social networking sites. The number is decided by a variety of variables, such as the number of friends you have, the number of pages you interact with, the number of friends your friends have, the number of times you and your friends post items on each other’ s pages, and your rate of clicking (i.e., how many of your friends click on a link you provide or watch a video you post). This enables considerably more precisely online marketing tactics.

Companies will pay a significantly higher price for more ‘guarantees for seeing their material, clicking on a link, or using their application. Common web marketing techniques like PPC campaigns, news releases, product marketing, and contextual advertising cost little per click since clicks do not always result in sales. However, it is far more targeted for content using Google’s personal algorithm, and if it is forwarded, it is much more likely to be seen again. This implies that the price of viral advertising may increase, or a premium can be paid using Google’s internet marketing tools.

Social network Internet marketing efforts have had the same suggestions since they achieved widespread popularity for the first time. Your internet marketing firm would: ensure that advertising matches its business goals, promote engagement among the group members, use media such as video and interactive games, and provide opportunities to exchange information (share links, etc.). But the most important aspect of these viral marketing efforts has been to ensure that the advertising meets the community’s requirements. The Google web marketing tool helps to index the content topics that people visit and calculates the best method of spreading them.

If you wish to start a viral marketing campaign inside the framework of a digital marketing plan, however, some recommendations concentrate on good, old-fashioned quality without technology. Your social media marketing strategy still has to provide long-term value — for example, by developing a helpful application (but also related to your business). Your marketing offering should also improve the community’s value. Concourses, votes, and games are all excellent examples, and an experienced online marketing firm can further assist you in expanding these tactics.

Optimization of search engines – The importance of high-quality content

Knowledge about your client and the product’s value — not the product itself — are fundamental marketing guidelines for the customer. Not many people care to rationalize a cleaner vacuum bag, but many busy parents worry about how long it takes for the home to vacuum. All successful websites use this fundamental web marketing approach. It includes the creation of excellent content that offers tremendous results in optimizing search engines. We look at how you may alter your search engine ranking content and success in Internet marketing.

The guideline and copywriters live by it is the “What’s in it for me?” To create successful copies of your website, you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and forget all that you know about your company. You may sell your clients to one of many wishes: health, money, excellent relationships, or sex. Internet marketing is frequently much more successful for a mix of them, as long as you retain a particular brand. If your customers look for content related to work, you can use emotional attitudes in your web marketing strategies and search engines optimization campaigns like the ease of work, job security, team member or company greed for better pay or greater profits, workforce power, or ego – making your performance better recognizable than other things.

The automated “Why do I care?” screen should filter every copy word you produce for your website with your thinking of a client. You frequently need to go one step further in internet marketing tactics by examining what people use to look for phenomena or events instead of the industry. Airlines, for example, use the terms “low prices” while consumers look for “cheap flights.” Your business or search engine optimization service can inform you of the phrases that your customers and rivals use to discover you and assist you in incorporating the keywords.

Internet marketing services are frequently used to profile customers or create people, known among Internet services. This includes bringing your usual consumers a gender, age, and other demographic profile. This enables your online marketing strategists to create strategies that really provide results. If you have your website’s personal information, you don’t expect to know your customer — you actually know your consumer. Even Google encourages webmasters of this in its quality standards “Make user pages mainly, not search engines. Don’t trick your users or provide search engines with different information than seen to consumers. “There was a mistake. Nothing bothers a user more than not finding the information they wanted. Words of wisdom Google continues on internet marketing services: “Another helpful test is to ask, “Are my users helping? Would I do this if there were no search engines?’ “There was a mistake.

Companies must have professional assistance in creating the contents of their websites. Techniques such as one topic per paragraph, inverted pyramid typewriting, and enhancements like highlighted text, additional subheadings, and objective languages provide possibilities for consumer connections and need professional execution.

Many companies have an online marketing strategy motivated by the necessity to search Google early. Customers may be from abroad. Otherwise, geographically distant or intensive rivalry within your product or service portfolio may require search engine optimization services. Optimization of search engines and marketing methods has improved since the early 1990s, and companies have had to adjust to changing marketing standards and laws for search engines. We look at the most popular search engine marketing techniques and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is frequently used interchangeably with search engine marketing, although, in fact, it applies to distinct business sectors. Search engine optimization is sometimes referred to as free or organic listings, and the top results get approximately 90% of the search hits for a specific term. If you are in the top 10, traffic gains are virtually assured. If you are not, your consumer visibility diminishes quickly.

Consumers are also more confident in these search engines than paid results, such as contextual announcements or sponsored placements. 61 percent of individuals believe natural records are more relevant to their search, and many believe that sponsored listings do not provide impartial information. Search engine optimization may also occur across budgets, with tiny companies with superior SEO abilities defeating their major financial rivals. However, this form of internet marketing may be sluggish, and success cannot be guaranteed.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements have long been acclaimed as the future of online marketing services. It makes it logical to pay just for views that convert into visits. However, this specialist internet marketing service requires professional research from internet advisory services or online marketing firms. Knowledge of the auction environment and the technologies used by web analytics and e-commerce specialists are vital in the PPC campaign.

Senior search engines and directories are a niche internet marketing strategy. Still, they may provide high-quality traffic to your website—visitors who stick around, see your pages and bookmark your website even if they don’t purchase anything at once. The vertical list demonstrates that consumers care about their specialized clients and advertise them, as well as indirectly helping with your branding efforts in your company. Your target audience will be directly brought to you even more than web marketing methods like distributing press releases and articles, vertical search engine optimization, and directory listing.

Context advertisements are the final significant method of internet marketing services. This includes showing advertisements relevant to the website content or the terms searchers enter in a box. It enables site owners to go to free services instead of subscription services, much less visited. With this search engine marketing approach, you may target the weblog audience and devoted visitors to specialized content websites. However, occasionally these advertisements are viewed as SEO.

PPC Internet Marketing Campaigns – Your Public Identification and Understanding

There is minimal room for mistake-sponsored search engine marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) operations. While PPC ads produce significant revenues, customers tend to rely far more on organic results. Campaign expenses may eventually blow out, and just 50-70 characters of text convey the advantages of your business. Companies specializing in this kind of search engine optimization and generating the most revenues from sponsored search engine marketing follow the same principles as successful marketers. We assist you in identifying your audience.

There are many kinds of markets, and your internet marketing strategy may reach more than one. The basis and broadest markets are end-users or individuals who utilize your goods directly. The industrial market or people using your goods to produce your own product is another kind of market. The third market is comparable but has a unique online marketing approach – the intermediaries, such as wholesalers and retailers that purchase your goods for profit.

If you ask who your customers are, companies worldwide first respond to ‘everyone.’ Sadly, this is not a target market. If your sponsored marketing campaign targets ‘all’ search engines, the quality and results will be seriously impaired. Usually, you offer goods at a particular area to individuals within a certain age group, with a certain sex, education, and family income. Not all of these characteristics apply to every business, but many will apply. It will assist your supported search engine marketing strategy to determine where the following continuums are located for your ‘average’ customers:

Gender Age Marital Status Number of children and ages
Urban or rural inhabitants
Occupational level of education
Weekly hours worked
Estimated household revenues
If customer contact or information for the sponsored search engine marketing campaign developers is not accessible, invest your time and research via your sales team. The results are not entirely correct but are still important to the success of any internet marketing campaign.

You will also need to consider most of your consumers’ geographical locations. If your goods are big and voluminous or your services need personal interaction, most of your target customers will be in your area. The target market will be broader if you offer modest consumer products and intend to have an e-commerce facility. You also need to consider different languages for your sponsored search engine marketing campaign to look for global sales.

Another under-examined aspect of target markets is your customers’ psychographic profile, which may be important to internet marketing and search engine optimization. Think about your consumers’ attitudes, feelings, and beliefs. Things such as prestige, attractiveness, desire, or social duty may determine your target market.

Campaigns for PPC Internet Marketing – Goals and deliverables

Pay per click (PPC) operations are frequently seen as search engine marketing for beginners. Companies seldom assist outside to run such programs, which is probably why they are known to be a vital component of a Web marketing plan. In fact, PPC campaigns may be one of the largest recipients of the Internet marketing strategy and generate the most income in any area – as long as you carry out your campaigns with the knowledge of marketing principles. The technology is sophisticated, but you must start with some old-fashioned ideas to optimize your ROI.

The establishment of goals is essential for PPC campaigns. You have to stay focused throughout your PPC campaign, or the outcomes will be significantly affected. So it’s worth starting with the effort. Try to establish measurable objectives – for example, and you may want to boost the traffic on the site or specific sections of your website. You will require an analysis of what is occurring at the moment to identify these objectives, and technology may be helpful here, such as Webtrends and other e-commerce consultancies. The quantifiable element of your objectives may include:

Statistics about traffic

Better results for search engines for a certain day or time (Valentine’s Day, etc.)

Increase of certain proportion internet sales

Increased search engine traffic

Extend your client base to a new population

Set a number, percentage, and/or time for each of your objectives – you may have more than one. Professional assistance from a search engine optimization agency or an online consulting company can enable you to find out what is possible and feasible. The goal is to rethink your target audience and the businesses that constitute your online competitors.

Clearly, identifying your product is a key element in attaining success in PPC and general online marketing. You need to know precisely what your clients can provide and convey your offer in 50-70 characters. You have to go farther than the actual goods or service. As Wonderbra management says, they don’t sell underwear, and they sell women their self-confidence. Landscape gardeners don’t create calm and tranquility in people’s surroundings throughout the courtyards. You must outline the advantages and characteristics of your product or service. In particular, Internet marketing firms and search engine marketers will assist you in making full use of these capabilities and advantages.

A suitable budget is established for one element of a successful PPC and internet marketing strategy. This should be established at the same time as you set your objectives, and search engine optimization specialists are the pros who can help you determine the outcomes of which budgets you can anticipate. Preliminary tests may also offer insight into the money needed to meet your targets.

Use of new web analytics and media tools

Although it is not a new technology, web 2.0 has produced a new Internet in many respects. This new Internet not only changes the way we buy goods (eBay, Etsy, etc.), socialize (Myspace, Facebook), and generate value for ideas (Digg and StumbleUpon), it changes the way firms conduct business. It also changes the way businesses work. Dell is a significant success story when using Web 2.0 as a company enhancer in online marketing, credibility, new product ideas, and customer support and service. Dell interacts in a manner and at a degree with its consumers that few companies do. For business references in forums and Facebook groups, workers scan the whole web, chiming was appropriate. Dell’s Ideastorm platform has brought a lot of innovations into the new laptops. And other Dell users provide more technical assistance rather than the business itself. We look at how Web 2.0 changes some companies’ faces and the business sector in general.

Concepts of Web 2.0 are hard to nail down. Much of Web 2.0 is user-generated content – the Internet is not only for website producers anymore. Some examples include sites like Myspace, Digg, eBay, and YouTube. Originally, the phrase meant that dot-com companies were once again gaining favor when the bubble erupted in 2001. There are a growing number of companies solely online, with no physical presence to speak of except server space, and this is another aspect of Web 2.0. Also, the Web 2.0 phenomenon is new online marketing techniques, including product marketing, press release syndication, and SEO marketing. However, Web 2.0 refers to forums, social networking, and the interactive user features of the web at Dell.

Dell currently employs 42 employees expressly hired to interact with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media groups and assist address Dell-related issues and discreetly promote the brand. The team learned that just 1% of the time a client is spent on the web purchasing goods and 99% researching. A decent website and even excellent Search Engine Optimization services are not worthwhile if forums, groups, and other users think useless. Web 2.0 appears to have gone beyond a time killer for bored adolescents and into the domains of helpful commercial tools.

Dell is not the only business that realizes the Web 2.0 worth as a long-term customer relationship tool, source of employees, and Internet marketing strategy. Ernst and Young also utilize Facebook as a recruiting tool and has 17,500 “fans” on their career page. Blueshirtnation is another example of a company that operates entirely online – this forum provides insight into the expertise of frontline employees, and users strive to discover optimal product interactions. Turbotax Live is a fantastic example of using Web 2.0 as an engagement tool for customer support. The benefit of assistance in forum settings is that staff frequently removes the workload, with many easy questions answered by other users.

Developing a web marketing plan and the growth of search engine rankings is only a portion of building a successful online company. More essential than ever are the old-fashioned principles of customer service and feedback — only the techniques that have evolved.

What is the keyword efficacy index (KEI), and maybe helpful in your keyword research?
By Jaegel Wolfgang and Smyth Gregory

The Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) analyzes the number of search terms to the number of competing Web pages to identify the most successful keywords for your campaign. In conjunction with some common sense, this is a fantastic tool for choosing high conversion keywords. Keep two fundamental principles in mind.

Each instrument is only as good as the person who uses it; conversion is king!
Do not expect consumers or customers to use your language to discover you on the web – utilize their language instead. Using the same language as your client, they understand their requirements and provide them a solution.

Sumantra Roi presented KEI for the first time. He stated that KEI measured the efficacy of a keyword for your website. Three assumptions comprise the KEI formula:

KEI for a keyword should rise as its popularity increases; if it gets more competitive, KEI for a term should drop. Competitiveness is defined as the number of sites Google displays when you search for that keyword with exact match search (i.e., use keyword quotes); if a keyword is more popular and competitive at the same time so that the ratio of popularity and competitiveness remains the same, its KI should increase.
The formula of Roi was as follows behind these assumptions:

KEI = (PP2/C)*1000 (p=popularity/count of search; c=competent Google sites for a key term).

Roi stated the KEI is the popularity square of a term divided by a thousand sites on Google for that search.

Keywords or keyword expressions of fewer than 10 are regarded as bad keywords, whereas keywords of more than 10 are excellent. Keywords or phrases over 100 are good keywords and should be on the homepage of your website.

Other formulae have developed throughout time, for example

KEI = (PU2/S)*1000 (p=popularity / search count; s= Google matches for the term “allintitle”).

In the face of the growing number of “formulae” and many SEO experts supporting their own proven technique of calculating and interpreting the optimum KEI (I have my own ways as well), common sense and KEIs from various SEO tools should be used and not blindly relying on. Ask yourself often, “is it meaningful for my site, and will it turn people into customers?” In the end, it is only a highly efficient ratio if coupled with what we trust most — our own common sense!

SEO SP@M can destroy your site! No-SEO No’s – Part I

Please note that we do not promote, support, or recommend using any of the methods described in this article. We can say to you that we certainly do not utilize it and the sites of our customers remain high on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Keep in mind that the correct organic technique of optimizing your site takes longer than for Sp@m, but you will remain in the lead for a long time without running the danger of getting dropped from the search engine index!

Farms Link
Link farms and Link Farm Sp@m – called FFA (free-for-all link websites) came into being when increasing numbers of web admins found out that incoming links may have a major impact on page rankings. A link farm is a collection of websites that hyperlinks to all other sites in the group. Although some connection farms were manually developed, most of them were established by automated programs and services. One of the worst types of search engine index is sp@mming (also referred to as sp@mexing or sp@mdexing). However, you must constantly remember that the search engines (in fact, those who work with the search algorithms) develop with time. Google thus rapidly devaluated and ultimately removed the page rank and the position it gave to sites with an unusual array of connections, unrelated links, and fake links (too many links in too short a time frame). Nonetheless, webmaster connections still exist, and many unscrupulous SEO companies continue to exploit them.

Networks of mini-sites
Mini-site networks were developed in the early phases of the Google Page Rank algorithm to exploit the vulnerability. Domain names were inexpensive, and VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated servers’ infrastructure expenses are cost-efficient and an appealing choice. Many mini-site networks have been created to be leading pages as if they were bigger sites. Many topics and/or product sites have been established to connect back to the main site. These microsites would utilize a URL rich in a key phrase that meets certain search engine criteria. Several SEO companies have generated the density of the fake link by weaving networks from different customers. This immoral technique had a major impact on Google’s assessment of the significance of key sites in the early stages of the Google PageRank algorithm. But Google penalized many extremely famous SEO companies during the summer of 2004 to use this technology and prohibited many of their customers’ sites.

Pages for Leaders
Leader pages are similar pages intended to address one or two particular keywords and satisfy various search engine algorithm criteria. Some individuals have taken this further and built a page for each sentence and each search engine. This is one of the first SEO techniques from the initial search days when nearly a dozen major search engines sorted fewer than a billion pages. Leader pages are a method of the doorway page. The main search engines now evaluate sp@m as they may see numerous copies of almost the same content. This technique is no longer practical since on-site optimization affects you much less than proper off-site optimization. The search engines take into account a much broader range of factors for calculating the quality score of your site than the arrangement or density of keywords found on a particular page.

SEO SP@M can destroy your site! No-SEO No’s – Part II

If you have not read Part I of our SEO, Don’t go to Part I: https://://www.inetasia.com/resources/articles/seo-spam-that-kill-your-w epages1.html.

Cloaking, often known as “stealth,” is an information-based method for search-engine spiders while presenting human visitors with a separate set of information on the web page. This is done by providing content depending on the IP address or the HTTP header of the user asking the website for the User-Agent. Cloaking is a method of the gateway page.

Stuffing the keyword
Search engines were sometimes restricted to sorting and classification sites based on the number of keywords discovered on these pages. This restriction prompted web admins to insert keywords everywhere they could. Keyword stuffing is seen as an unethical practice for optimizing search engines. It happens when a webpage is loaded in meta tags or the text with keywords. This repeat of phrases in meta tags may explain why many search engines no longer respect these tags. In particular, Google is known to remove (ban) sites employing this method and/or decrease these sites’ ranks.

Text Hidden
Astonishingly, some webmasters and even SEO companies are still using hidden text. Text is hidden from the viewer in many different ways. The text is colored in the same shade as the background, thus making it invisible to human visitors but not to look for spiders, a cascading style sheet (CSS) “Z,” which sets the text behind the image and, therefore, all common techniques for hiding text are the use of absolute text Global SEO & SEM & SMO Marketing Agency. To position the text very far from the center of the page. Most of these hidden text methods may be identified by major search engines, and in page rankings, sites containing hidden text are known to be degraded.

Tags Hidden
There are many different kinds of tags used for a range of purposes, such as comment tags, design tags, alt tags, noframes tags, and HTTP-equiv tags. For instance, the “alt tag” is used by blind website readers to describe a visual picture. Inserting keywords into these tags may be extremely useful; however, many web admins and SEO companies continue to utilize these tags inappropriately and employ keywords. This may cause the ranks or even a ban on the website to decline.

Meta Markers
Most meta tags nowadays are not important. The unethical aspect is that some SEO companies are really responsible for the development and insertion of meta bugs as if they were the main method for optimization. We only utilize the description and keyword meta tags (although we question the real value of the keyword tag) with the appropriate robots.txt files. Any additional information that identifies or clarifies it should be accessible on a contact page or at the bottom of each page.

Web 2.0 formats misuse (i.e., Wiki, social networking, and social tagging)
The abuse of user-input media formats like Wikipedia is developing with a relatively new type of SEO sp@m. As the comments on the blog sp@mming, the live-to-web aspect of Web 2.0 offers SEO sp@m technicians a wide range. These methods are nevertheless likely to be short-lived since it is just a matter of time until algorithm updates correct these attempts.

Fortunately, Google’s continually upgrading algorithm seems to be at the leading edge of SEO sp@m detection and prevention for all ethical and professional SEO companies.