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SEO Strategy for usability

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Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster.
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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

Any online marketing campaign requires a well-defined and understand SEO strategy.

While SEO and Online Marketing is a constantly changing picture, you can concentrate, template, reference, and aim with a written SEO plan while preventing the odds of being sidetracked from your goal.

Here is a question: do you create ‘cash flow projections for your company quarterly or annually?

If you were to ask your accountant, he would urge you to do so.

How else can you expect a clear Financial Strategy?

The same is true of your online marketing – Who, Where, Why, When, and What’s your budget, focus, and goals?

An SEO strategy in the process…

“An SEO Strategy is designed to create an effective, focused, cost-effective and priority action plan.”

We are almost halfway through 2017, and most small business owners and managers are well aware that they need to be discovered online.

Let your fingers walk.

Recall “Let your fingers walk”?

Just as I remember back in the ‘Old Days’ when you had to be located in the ‘Yellow Pages Book,’ online today!

Most of them understand the necessity for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to stimulate their companies online.

It may be used by SEO;

Increase SERP representation and ranks (Search Engine Results Page)

Just let’s say Google Page One.

Drive traffic for your goods and services (possible clients)

Expand your exposure to new and current markets

Improve the transformation of visitors into customers

Improve and strengthen connections in your industry

So what most company owners do not understand is that it is not that simple to do in a constantly changing and competitive internet industry.

Therefore, an SEO strategy in advance can better understand and manage your online presence and provide more explicit and more concrete outcomes than simply sucking it and seeing it.

How to develop an SEO strategy in five steps for your website.

SEO Strategy #1 – Optimize and promote pages #1

Decide on which ‘pages of your website you want or need to advertise and optimize in order of importance.

Which pages? What pages? That will rely on your objectives, industry, goods, and services.

If you run an e-commerce website, this may undoubtedly be your most competitive product/s

It may be your most apparent service or service that distinguishes you from rivals as a service-oriented company.

Then go to a clinic with your most care following or after a trending treatment.

Take into account the present performance of the SERPS pages.

If indexed, whether on pages 2,3,4, etc., these pages are likely to be exponentially better than a page not included in the TOP100.

As far as “how many” pages are concerned, this is up to your money, time, and resources.

2 SEO Strategy – Conduct a competitive analysis

SEO strategy – Analysis of competitors

SEO strategy – Analysis of competitors

I previously wrote in May 2017 an article on carrying out a Competitor Analysis, therefore. For more detailed information, please refer to ‘Competitor SEO Research.’

My article quote;

“The ones who are most like you are your most dangerous rivals.”

Having discovered and chosen your most probable online rivals, we will need to study and analyze their methods to ensure that the SERP results are successful.

Things to be examined;

Review and analysis of on-page factors:

See my June 2017 post on ’24 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners’ for more detailed information.

Check and analyze your competitors;

Keywords in the backend SEO Strategy – SEO on-page

SEO Strategy — SEO on-page

Keywords within content




Titles and subheadings

Images and their ALT characteristics

Descriptions of Meta

Structure and volume of content

Friendliness Mobile

Charging speeds and

Social inclusion

The following link to ‘Moz’ is a free tool to help you and your rivals check keyword tactics.

Review and analysis off-page factors:

SEO Strategy Link Building Guide 2017

SEO Strategy Link Building Guide 2017

Backlink Number

Which target sites are the backlinks

What kind of backlinks?




Mentions of the blog

Follow links Do and No.

It offers you the direction for your link-building plan, pulling lessons from your rivals’ backlinks.

The following link to ‘Ahrefs’ will allow you to get your backlink profile and your rivals.

Strategy SEO – Backlinks

Link Construction Guide (Part 2), SEO Strategy

If the TOP10 results of your competitors for the target keywords you want to concentrate on, you need to ensure your target pages are wedded to those target keywords.

We are frequently surprised when new customers struggle with this fundamental SEO aspect.

If you promote “natural mineral makeup,” the page must include content with the target keyword “natural makeup” and a large number of copies to demonstrate a high degree of product competence and knowledge.

Refer to my two posts May and June 2017 for additional information on link building;

Link Construction Guide 2017 (Part 1) and

Link Construction Guide 2017 cont.. (Part 2)

3 SEO Strategy – Compare work strategies for improving

Now is the moment to carefully look at the difference between your website and your competitors and make adjustments to your target pages.

Answer the following questions to understand this process better:

What keyword(s) do you utilize on your targeted pages?

Are you using LSIs (Latent Semantic Indexing)?

How many? How many?

What is the density of the keyword?

Are the keywords in the first 100 words?

Are the keywords in URLs utilized;



and headlines


Are ALT tags the keyword or LSIs?

Are meta descriptions appropriately written?


What is the structure of the content?

The volume of content?

Are graphic elements used?

How are these search options optimized?

Do the pages include social buttons? or

How section?

What kind of external and internal connections are used?

How are the links included in the content?

How long is the load?

Are the pages mobile optimized?

Have they got AMP?

Do these sites have pop-ups?

Is the material fresh on the pages?

Compile a comparison list of areas that need improvement on your website with a critical eye; only then can you capitalize on and make your strengths.

4 SEO Strategy – Target Behavior Factors Analysis

You will need to use your knowledge and experience of the natural world with your clients (the audience) and combine this information with what your audience does once on your site.

Now with your awareness and knowledge of your audience, check your rivals’ site for them;


Do you need your website updated or upgraded?

Is your product or service face to face with your audience?

White Space – the ‘white space’ properly positioned will concentrate what visitors want to pay attention to?

What is the picture about your site… recommendation utilize Massive concepts… here’s an example;

Massive Images – SEO Strategy

Apple also uses massive pictures in its online marketing, and for a good reason, big visuals can elicit emotions from your viewers.

SEO Strategy – Massive Emotions Play

SEO Strategy for usability – Use Google Analytics
Google Analytics SEO Strategy

How comfortable is moving around the site?
How easy is the primary product or service to locate – how many clicks is it?
Is it intuitive?
Are you on the top right-hand side with your contact information (phone)?
Are there clear indicators to tell me (the visitor) how to proceed?
What are the calls to action?
Comportement on the target pages
This may be readily checked by checking your Google Analytics.
The Google Analytics review gives you a better insight into how visitors interact with your website.

Which pages are they most interested in? (Pages of landing)
What are the most miniature interactive pages?
What is the most valuable content? (Site Content) What are the forms they use? And where do they travel from and to? (Conduct Flow)
Make extensive notes on places you may wish to repair, develop and improve.

SEO Strategy #5 – Developed Strategy Implementation
Take action, and many small company owners say “I know it” when they are advised and shown how to proceed, but do not implement that plan for many of the reasons – there is only one right response, “do it! There is a good solution!”

Work on targeting one page simultaneously and see how the optimization in the SERP has affected, then “Rin and Repeat!”

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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