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SEO Tips

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Visit our store: You can order an SEO service from our company online, and we will start working on your website much faster.
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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

One of the most apparent but frequently neglected methods of optimizing a website for small companies is that the SEO on the page emphasizes the page.

For example, if you are in the Carpentry company, make the pages relevant for a particular service, be it;

Fencing services services

Remodeling kitchen

Patios or Patios


Instead of placing all your services on one page alone.

This allows you to maximize the topic authority and increase your website’s size (pages).

I often urge customers to have your website as thick as a “textbook” or a “comic book?”

That was Tip #1, more…

In the framework of Basic SEO 101, I cover the following tips in my article ‘The basics of on-site SEO.’

“On-page SEO is the technique of optimizing web pages to increase traffic in search engines and make them more traffic-related.

On-page SEO, the content as well as HTML source code of a website may be optimized instead of off-page SEO, which refers to links and other external signals.” Moz

SEO on-page… URL’s

Tip #2 – Use your keyword in your URL for the experiment

Just before Google’s Panda Update #25 was launched in early 2013, I worked with a customer in the UK on 60 of his credit card websites.

*NB Some of these 60 sites are terrible since some were simply screen grabs (pictures) of other sites, but we could only do what we could because we inherited them.

Shortly after the Panda roll-out, we noticed an enormous and evident difference when Google indexed these 60 sites.

A few of TOP100 ranks crashed and dropped, but with many leaping ‘pages,’ the ones with particular keywords and URL variants substantially improving, with most page one positions practically overnight.

At the time of these anecdotal realizations, we thought this might be a method to obtain higher ranks. We used it when customers were subject to unrecoverable penalties after the Google change.

So, if feasible, try putting your primary goal term (Exact Match), for example, inside the URL;


Tip #3 – Use URLs Short

For your audience (to remember) and search engines, it is simpler to crawl shorter URLs.

Analysis has shown that the URL in Google is somewhat higher than the URLs that are complex lengthier.

Short URL Short

SEO on-page… Titles

Tip #4 – Have single pages titles

One of the most frequent problems discovered when we do a site audit is the double title boilerplate.

I often use the analogies of a ‘Book’ with my customers, so picture if you like a book with the same title on each chapter!

Of course, most readers would be a little bit disconcerted and unavoidably puzzled.

That’s precisely how most search engines and especially Google, will interpret such a site and thus don’t give it much to consider for further indexing in the search results.

Google came out in FACT and plainly stated so… So, ‘Stop Web Designers and Web Developers!’

Create Unique Titles Page

Create Unique Titles Page

Tip #5 – Embed Long Tail in Title Tags

For instance, ‘SUV Calgary’ try ‘Premier SUV Calgary Dealer’ instead of using the exact target phrase in the title.

The second is a long-tail keyword.’

For more competitive conditions, this is a much wiser beginning approach, which allows you to rank much faster for the long tail keyword and will, over time, make it easier for you to type in line with your most competitive keyword, ‘SUV Calgary’

Tip #6: Keep your title tag around 60 characters (approximately).

Google formerly restricted the Title Tag to 60 characters and then changed it to Pixels, with a 512-pixel restriction.

This counting pixel may be very difficult for the ordinary person; therefore, most of us still count the characters, and, in most instances, it works pretty well.

A simple matter of trial and error, or use this snippet tool to optimize the title and meta descriptions.

Now, a question – does the amount of Title Tag characters affect your Google ranking?

There are no definite statistics, but a lot of anecdotal evidence seems to have some impact.

Choose yourself;

Top3 rankings for ‘Construction Law’ on Google.com.au. (Correct at publication time)

Tip #7 – Early in your title tag, put your keyword

At the beginning of your title-Tag, insert your target keyword since search engines emphasize keyword phrases at the beginning of the page.

Tip #8 – Use Edit Title Tag

Words and sentences targeted after the search keywords are referred to as modifiers of the Title Tags.

For example, someone looking for a dentist might look for items like:

“Best Dental Center,”

“The dentist close to me,”

“Dental examinations,” etc.

Adding these modifications to your Title Tag will help search keywords shown at the top of the page.

Here are some modifications that you may use:



This year The





Tip #9 – Include H1 and H2 keyword synonyms

If the primary exact keyword frequency seems to be overused in optimizing the website, replacing the same match term with a synonym is recommended.

For instance, if you concentrated on the keyword of “Brisbane Pest Management,” we would recommend you do H2 something like “Brisbane Pest Treatment” or “Brisbane Pest Management.”

During our online market research (Our SEO Company Digital), we offer to our customers both keyword variants and content marketing suggestions to be used under such situations.

SEO on-page… Content

Tip #10 – Write content to the subject

Again, using the idea that your website is like a book… A site with complete information, specific content, data support, and studied facts will provide superficial, sales-oriented, book surface content!

It is reasonable that you claim to be the most significant industry leader or an expert in your area that you should have a wealth of information that would most likely benefit your audience.

Tip #11 – Keyword Frequency Focus

We consider the density of keywords as SEO copywriters on our website. At times, it is calculated as a percentage of all contents merely to prevent ‘spamming’ specific target keywords into the text.

But Google is unlikely to utilize ‘Density’ for its algorithm since the measure for ‘Frequency’ seems more probable – the number of times a term is shown on a page.

Keeping in mind that you write for the audience, it would be acceptable for a careful writer not to spam the contents, and it would be reasonable for the frequency to outweigh it.

Take this into account;

The keyword ‘Furniture Removalist’ is found on page 1 of your website just once.

In contrast, page 2 includes the ‘Furniture Removalist’ 6 times on your site without hurting the capacity of the public to understand the information.

Therefore, whatever page on your site will most probably be recognized as the most significant authority in the field of ‘Mobiliary Removalist.’

Tip #12 – Add your content using LSI keywords

LSI is the Latent Semantic Index abbreviation, which is simply another way to express ‘synonyms and closely related words.’

Incorporating this into your content gives the search engines, i.e., Google, a better grasp of what the page is all about and, therefore, improves its pages’ authority.

Latent Semantic Indexing Examples may be readily seen on the bottom of most search results or SERPs from Google.

The example below is for the phrase ‘Flower Delivery Sydney.’

Semantic Latent Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing for ‘Flower Delivery Sydney’

Tip #13 – In your first 100 words, use your keyword

Some of the old-school SEOs are still relevant today, and that is one instance. At the same time, many may disagree, but logical reasoning appears to suggest that having your precise target term at the top of your website will be much better than at the bottom!

Also, when you arrive on the appropriate page, your target group will be guaranteed that it is relevant for your search query.

Tip #14 – Concentrate on insane content

Nobody loves rants, opinion articles, and not content clickbait.

The informative, thought-provoking, detailed, researched, and valuable content will also be more likely to be shared, referenced, and linked.

And it does not imply ‘sales’ focused material by Actionable… Buy, book, now order.

I mean the contents a person may take and utilize – whether commercial or personal – in their life.

Tip #15 – Long Content Publish

No wonder sites with more content tend to rank higher because Google considers these sites more subject-mattered and thus more valuable to the target audience.

Many industry studies have shown the exact link between more significant content volumes and better rankings.

Word Count Content

Word Count Content

Tip #16 – Reboot Old Content

This is something we have only begun to do with our earlier postings.

In the end, the study and reasoning behind it – thanks to Hubspot – is hard to dispute.

Old Content Update

Tip #17 – Old Content Update

This sound housekeeping is not only acceptable, but over time, your original material may become obsolete or worse by changing your industry.

This also shows Google that you value the contents and cause crawlers to visit your site more often.

Tip #18 – Optimize product pages like blog posts for e-commerce

The tendency of website owners to “copy & paste” product descriptions directly from their websites of suppliers/wholesalers, one of the main issues with optimizing eCommerce sites. (Plagiarism & Content Duplicate problems)

While I understand that in certain instances, the website may contain hundreds of items, and it would be a mammoth job to return and optimize and use original contents properly in all the descriptions, this does not, however, prohibit owners with the new or updated line of products to do so.

With your goal keywords and variants adding volume content of more than 1,000 words will distinguish you from all other comparable store websites.

SEO on-page… Images.

Tip #19 – Use several pictures

Google concentrating more and more on signals from user experience implies that your content ‘Easily readable’ is more likely to remain on the page for your visiting target audience.

The use of pictures divides the information into more understandable parts.

Lots of pictures

Tip #20 – Write Keyword Variation Alt Text Image

Many of our customers already know that Google cannot see images – like the Matrix film, where you have only seen code, with pictures portrayed as huge blank empty spaces in the code. ALT Variations of Text

Google examines the picture information like the file name and the ALT text to understand the image.

We also recommend that we utilize keyword variants that are not focused on in the contents of this page to prevent keyword filling (spamming) and extend the scope and quantity of keywords for which your site is indexed.

Tip #21 – Add content to Infographic Blog postings

The main problem with Infographics on the Page SEO is that Google is unable to understand them, as with any image-based asset… refer #20 Tip

That is why attention must be given to the ALT attributes and the ‘Description’ component in particular.

Use it to add TEXT to READ for the explicit goal of the search engines and to comprehend better what the image/page is about, thus increasing the authority of the sites concerned.

For Ecominerals, the accompanying infographics have the following additional TEXT information.

“Ecominerals exclusively make use of natural minerals.

Visit the location to observe its natural mineral composition.

https://www.ecominerals.com.au “

Content infographic

Eco minerals exclusively make use of natural minerals.

Visit the location to observe its natural mineral composition.


SEO on-page… Link Tip #22 – Use the Internal Link from one side of your website to another, especially if the subject matter is related to that page.

This helps to classify these pages.

It works so quickly.

Tip #23 – Use links outbound

Google believes it may improve your rankings by connecting them to related content.

One of our industry research appears to emphasize that external links may enhance your content somewhat.

Tip #24 – Super easy to find social sharing buttons

Easy sharing of your material will encourage others to do so – this does not just restrict your content to as many people as possible being viewed, read, and connected to.

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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