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The following ten basic WordPress SEO errors

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The following ten basic WordPress SEO errors may be readily corrected and help you index and classify your website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

In 2011, the WordPress platform accounted for only 13.1 percent of all websites now – it accounts for more than one-quarter of all Internet sites.

Just stated, there are 1 out of 4 websites on the WordPress platform. From June 2017:

28.2 percent WordPress 3.3 percent Joomla 2.3 percent Drupal

1.2 percent Magento Blogger 1.0% 1.0% Store 0.7 percent

  • Then no surprise that we are on WordPress, https://havoc.digital.

One reason is that WordPress is one of the finest platforms for on-page SEO implementation.

Outside of the box, WordPress makes it easy to handle SEO fundamentals without coding, for example;

  • Permalinks
  • Tags Title
  • Headings
  • Content optimized and
  • Mobile Optimizing

However, just because these are basic WordPress SEO errors does not mean that they are entirely evident.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise; we are not shocked that some Web designers/developers overlook them when they create custom WordPress websites.

But we give them a pass since their specialty is neither SEO nor Online Marketing for creating design & software.

  • I’m going to get my hand up and acknowledge that I do not have design or coding skills. Therefore I leave it for the experts

Minimizing and eliminating these WordPress SEO errors improves your exposure to online search.

WordPress SEO error #1

  1. Forget your time zone 1.

We deal with customers in Australia, the USA, UK. Asia and we create content for publication to post in their time zone at the appropriate moment to their audience.

Therefore it is necessary to have the proper time zone on a WordPress site.

Settings > General is an accessible item to miss

WordPress SEO error #1 – Time Zone

WordPress SEO error #1 – Time Zone

  1. You did not add social metadata to open graph 2.

You want as many people as possible to click and share your material.

It may not assist in pushing your goal keywords up to the results, but it does indicate the general authentic character of the company site to most search engines.

Using an SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO is easy to install and activate.

– I highly suggest that you do not already have the FREE version of the Yoast plugin.

WordPress SEO errors – Social mistakes

WordPress SEO errors – Social mistakes

  1. Not Google Analytics Goals (GA)

This error should probably be two since the second mistake is not Google Analytics (GA) first!

Google Analytics is a free software tool that allows you to monitor and track what happens on your website.

– Currently, GA is free, but how long? I have an opinion about it, and one day I will publish it.

Think of it as a route map where you were to lead you on your trip.

Thus, create a target in GA (Google Analytics) whether it measures your website’s millions of visitors or how the trillion-dollar sales are produced and what they have done while on your site may be set as a goal.

For example, using GA to monitor how many visitors arrived on a specific page would clearly show if your marketing plan works or not.

WordPress SEO error – No objectives

  1. Failure to set Post Name Permalinks

With a user-pleasant URL, you may attract a click, and Google will recognize your effort.

It is set and forgotten, so when you build a page or publish the URL address, stuff like your keywords, post name, or date will be included as well.

Parameters > Permalinks

WordPress SEO errors – Links

WordPress SEO errors – permalinks

  1. Do not create and submit an XML sitemap

As I said to many customers, your website is like a book, and a book without an index would be an error.

An XML sitemap is your website index, which lists every page, media item, and post.

If your Google XML Sitemap is submitted, the search engine will find out where you’re going on your site and ensures that your content is scanned and indexed.

The use of the Yoast SEO Plugin is simply an option. SEO > Sitemaps XML

WordPress SEO errors – XML sitemap

WordPress SEO errors – XML sitemap

You may then submit the XML sitemap to Google via your Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools).

  1. Not regularly publishing content

Google is thus trying to discover websites that satisfy the requirements of its audience and have authority on the topic, and are popular.

WordPress SEO errors – Crawl

WordPress SEO errors – crawling.

A static website (the old school brochure) won’t appeal to your audience after their first visit.

By providing material frequently, you offer your audience cause to return to your website and lead Google to visit your website more often.

Publishing material does not have to be a 2,000-word study paper or a prize-winning film.

It may be as easy as taking a picture in situ – whether it delivers work to the customer or employment on the go.

  • The target audience is interested in seeing Pergola being created or the process of branding promotional goods.

Even photos of a birthday celebration are worth sharing, which provide your viewers a personal insight into your company.

  1. Failure to regularly update content

Just because specific material was published a couple of years ago does not always make it outdated or useless for your audience.

When visitors meet this material, they believe it’s outdated and irrelevant, much as Google does, so revisiting older information and updating it makes excellent sense.

Check your pages with a low time spent on the page and high bounce rates (see Google Analytics for detailed and low-value indications).

  1. You did not connect from the footer to your homepage

So easy to miss, but so simple… Oh wait, we didn’t do it… for a reason.

WordPress SEO error – Internal connection

WordPress SEO error – No internal connection

  • You know the adage: ‘Do what we’re saying, not what we’re doing,’

It is not by any means a critical measure to improve your ranks, but its advantages;

Internal connection and

Branded Anchor Text since the name of most individuals is in the footer.

  1. Check for broken links 9.

Good housekeeping is, like in real life, a sensible habit.

Just like cleaning offices, workshops, factories, or workspaces every year in the spring, you must examine your website for broken links (to pages).

Google will like it, too.

To simplify the problem, install Broken Linking Checker, and once activated, you will get e-mail alerts once any broken links are identified.

WordPress SEO errors – Links broken

WordPress SEO errors – Links broken

  1. No Schema Markup Implementation

In more than 99 percent of all new customer website audits, they either have no schema marking or completely ineffective marking data.

WordPress SEO error – Graph of Knowledge


Schema markup data enables you to control what Google shows your website and company;

Your company description, name, address, telephone, hours of opening, if you provide parking on site.

5-star ratings and reviews

Descriptions of the product

Videos and so on


This improves the click rate by the number of individuals looking for your goods and services.

If your website doesn’t do what you want, check to see if these fundamentals were taken into account.

One method to determine your WordPress site’s SEO health is to use our free health & SEO score report.

– It comes with clear and practical instructions, as well as we will even speak to you about it.

See my post – 24 on-page SEO tips for small business owners for a few more readings on SEO.

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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