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What is SEO

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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

Search engine optimization (SEO).

“Search engine optimization” (also known as SEO) is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which literally translates to “search engine optimization” in Chinese.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to employ several techniques to help “search engines” comprehend your website’s content and subsequently have your website’s rating appear in natural search results. Before achieving the desired outcome, a high flow should be achieved. The ultimate objective of SEO is to have a website appear on the top page of search results, improve its visibility on the Internet, and impact online marketing on the website. We will continue to give SEO instruction on the website to enhance the SEO rating of your website.

More information on SEO content may be found in our SEO series of Internet Marketing Tips if you are interested in learning more.

This time, let’s go a little more specific regarding SEO trends for the year 2021.

The process of search engine optimization (SEO) is a never-ending, ever-changing undertaking since search engine algorithms are continuously changing. Furthermore, we have seen that certain patterns in 2021 may represent extremely significant shifts.

Following an extensive study by the author, we have selected the five most significant SEO marketing trends for 2021.

A) User Experience (UX) in the context of a family experience (UX)
It is not only a popular phrase in the online world, but it is also an essential issue that cannot be overlooked in the realm of search engine optimization.

It is not only a digital experience of a website created from the user’s perspective and the browsing process of consumers on the website, but it is also a physical experience of the process to increase users’ attention.

And, more significantly, Google has now included it into its search algorithm, making it one of the most important ranking criteria in the year 2021.

Summary: To enhance your website’s SEO ranking in 2021, the significance of user experience (UX) must be considered on par with conventional SEO On-page / Off-page optimization and must not be overlooked.

In reality, the significance of user experience in ranking is not difficult to comprehend: consider the following scenario: if a website has a poor user experience, visitors will not be able to find what they are looking for, and they will then quickly leave the page. In this instance, Google determines that the webpage with a negative user experience is not the answer to the search, and thus the website does not need to be placed higher in the search results.

It is fair for Google to include these variables into its algorithm since users seek speed, simplicity, and convenience. To put it another way, consumers are seeking speed, simplicity, and convenience.

How should the user experience (UX) be improved in 2021?
Improving Off-page Optimization (OPO) and technical SEO techniques is becoming increasingly important to provide users with a better, quicker, and more powerful experience while using a website due to the growing need for user experience (UX). Because user experience cues are everywhere, the company’s website must concentrate on the following factors to get a high ranking:

Improved page loading speed: From the way pictures are handled to the optimization of CSS and Javascript code, and there are many methods to improve page loading performance. The PageSpeed Insights tool may assist you in determining the speed of the URL.
Simple to use and locate: The structure, navigation, and usability of the site are critical. The same may be said for search engine optimization.
All gadgets and platforms can be used to browse the web. You may use tools such as BrowserStack to evaluate your website and verify that it can offer a suitable and error-free experience no matter what device the user is using. According to the most recent report, after many years of testing and deploying the Mobile version, Google has decided to fully switch over to using the mobile version as the primary search results after the end of March 2021. As a result, if your website has not yet been optimized for mobile devices, you must take urgent action!

The most recent Google updates have shown that websites with a positive user experience will be rewarded with higher search engine positions.

B) Semantic Search (also known as semantic browsing)
With each passing day, Google search becomes smarter, searching for what is important to end-users to understand them better. Google has put significant effort into improving the accuracy of its searches via semantic search (Semantic Search).

What precisely is Semantic Search, and how does it work?

Semantic search is a digital search technique that uses semantics to get results. When searching, the search engine will not only discover the sought term, but it will also base its results on the meaning of the keyword, the meaning of the keyword in various places of the phrase, and its search for the meaning of the former and the latter, among other factors.

The way search engines will process searches after 2021 will look somewhat like this. Search engines will grow more intelligent in the future. It will utilize a plethora of data from the Internet to comprehend the words you are looking for and the purpose behind your query. And the profound meaning that exists between words to provide the most accurate search results possible!

This is also when Google’s algorithm deals with typos and grammatical mistakes made by users while searching, and it may more correctly locate the results you are looking for.

As a result, this shift is critical for SEO. In recent years, an increasing number of users have begun searching in spoken language, eliminating the need to think about what words to use to get the information they are seeking.

Oral search has grown even more essential due to the widespread usage of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and others. And since the syntax and words of spoken word information are not the same as those of written word information, semantic search (Semantic Search) technology will bring the spoken word and written word grammar together in a logical manner.

How should Semantic Search be optimized in 2021? \s

The job of optimizing semantic search is a never-ending one.

When you plan, implement, and update your website in 2021, you should first examine the following questions to help you better improve your semantic search in the future.

Your consumers’ motivation for looking for your services or goods
What search terms would your consumers use to find your services or products?
And what sort of information, material, and even experience do your target consumers like to get from you?
Can we produce authoritative and rich information to satisfy the requirements of these prospective consumers and partners promptly?

The semantic search must concentrate on the following areas as a result of these questions:
The following is the question’s main subheading: If you want to answer particular queries or typical inquiries that consumers often ask, you may devote the whole article or website page to that task. The goal is to be comprehensive, accurate, and authoritative in your analysis. In this case, search engines will really like your website.
Containment targeted towards people: It is not necessary to overuse keywords, and you do not need to purposefully alter the design of your website, the design of your article, or the content to improve your keyword ranking. Improvements in legibility should be the main focus: Make the information simpler to comprehend and more comfortable for visitors by writing easier-to-understand phrases, including organized lists, headlines with a clear hierarchical structure, and matching relevant images or videos. Host.
A proposed structure for the content: Product, inquiry, article, rating, or remark writing requirements unique to the language in which they are being used will help the search robot in the search engine more readily comprehend and locate your website. Obtain the assistance of professional website experts to arrange and structure the website content planning structure correctly. Your job in 2021 will be to complete this task.
Hypertext links inside this document: Despite the significance of internal connections, many website owners overlook them. Internal links, in fact, may not only direct visitors from various pages to each other, but they can also make it simpler for search robots to build more structure around the core topic of your website or the search keywords that you want to target. A visual representation of the content (structured map). It is also possible to check for broken links (broken hyperlinks) when dealing with internal hyperlinks. Broken hyperlinks hurt your SEO ranking as well as the functionality of your website. ~
When it comes to topic optimization (as opposed to keyword optimization), the following are the differences between the two: Skyscrapers or topic clusters are terms used to describe the process of creating and collecting excellent information around important topics. For example: if [diapers] is the topic, you may include sub-themes such as the kinds of diapers used by various ages and their advantages, the process of selecting diapers, using diapers, and so on.

This will be a topic of ongoing development in the case of semantic search. Web admins should concentrate their efforts on enhancing the recommendations listed above in 2021. This should have already resulted in a significant improvement in ranking in the local Google search results pages.

C) The Purpose of the Search
In 2021, the more you understand consumers’ search intents and the questions they will ask about goods and services, the higher your Google search results will be!

Since 2019, Google’s BERT update is designed specifically for home users with a better understanding of search intent of doing SEO professionals are extremely sensitive to mass every Google update, and this update Google represents the need to understand human search intent better and thought, which is also a general direction of the Google search engine.

With Google’s algorithms explained by the family in terms of various categories or the colloquial language of the statement (regardless of whether it is a long or short statement), search intent can now be explained by the intent to find the appropriate results (regardless of whether it is a long or short sentence). Google is taking this action due to the growing use of voice assistants and voice search in general. Instead of typing a lot of text into the search box, people ask Siri questions in a spoken voice, transforming these conversational smart platforms into formidable search engines.

I think that “spoken search” will only grow in popularity over time, and Google is obviously developing to meet this need.

As SEO experts or web admins, have you changed your website’s content to make it more suitable for voice and colloquial search?

How should search intent be optimized in 2021?
From the search engine optimization viewpoint, improving search intents implies that promoters or site owners may no longer limit their efforts to targeting prevalent search terms. Many employers are unaware of SEO, but it is important to remember that improving SEO is to attract more consumers.

Every so often, the author has heard from managers who say things like “I want the most important keywords in my sector to be ranked the top” when it comes to SEO (which is practically every day when consumers ask inquiries).

Actually, it is not difficult; but, as a manager, do you know whether the time and money you will have to spend will be worthwhile? Do you really want to give up the whole market for the sake of a single word or phrase?

Instead of competing with some well-known websites for certain popular keywords, it is preferable to follow Google’s lead and position yourself in the direction of your consumers, thinking about how they will discover information about your goods and services.

Optimize the brand’s relevance to consumers and the brand’s lifetime worth from the customer’s viewpoint, which will further boost the goodwill of the company and its customers towards the brand!

Online promotion of essential ideas is another aspect and way through which change may be brought about!

For your website’s search intent (Search Intent), pay attention to the four criteria listed below.

a) Develop material following the intentions of target customers: for example,
First and foremost, while compiling and writing website material, utilize succinctly, easy-to-understand, and human language. If you have discovered certain focused markets (which may be smaller but have specific requirements), you may offer tailored content that can answer their queries depending on the questions that customers may have or the material that they may look for on the internet. Encourage them to make a purchasing choice covertly.

The use of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for popular search keywords may help you convey a stronger signal to Google that your content is authoritative and that it should be ranked higher in search results. Google likes to pull answers to frequently asked questions (or some answers to frequently asked questions) and place them in the top summary (Snippets) section for popular keywords. These summaries (Snippets) are usually turned into Feature Snippets, then turned into the zero-click answers (zero-click answers) for those keywords. -answer by clicking on it).

c) Divide the target keywords into four groups based on their intended use:
In other words, you need to figure out what type of purpose your target audience will have while searching for your product/industry online. A thorough categorization of the “modifiers” of keywords in website content was carried out, according to Ahrefs, and the purpose of four main groups was highlighted:

Information: For example, “Who is the President of the United States?” or “What is the weather today?” are examples of information that are not necessarily sought for my inquiries.

Users know which website they want to go to since they type in terms like “Facebook login,” “Twitter login,” and so on, but Google can assist users in not having to type in the full URL by themselves.

Transactions include, for example, “cheap MacBook Pro,” “anti-hair loss shampoo,” and so on. The consumer is aware of what he wants to purchase; he is just looking for information on where to get it.

Commercial comparisons are classified as follows: For example, when a person searches for “the greatest hair dye” or “which brand of warmer is better?” on the internet, they are hoping to find a certain product or service in the market and conduct some comparisons before choosing which one to purchase. Investigate the comments and opinions of other users. These customers are often unsure about the brand or style they wish to purchase.

What are the most common requirements that your target audience has?

According to their stated objectives, they will assist you in developing an SEO strategy.

d) Following the search purpose or content: For example, users who are looking to purchase will be interested in product introductions, trials, and reviews, while users who are looking to sell will be interested in product reviews. Alternatively, some visitors may be interested in certain landing sites or content. The search engine results page (SERP) offers a wealth of information for reference depending on the user’s search intent.

D) Search Results that don’t need a click
According to Google, the company will continue to direct search results to Google’s own products, such as YouTube videos, abstracts, and knowledge graphs. These goods will be shown first, and consumers will not be required to click on them. Why?

As a result, consumers want to get this kind of information in real-time, such as some straight replies, data, or anything else they want to receive as quickly as possible.

[Zero-Click Search Results] [Zero-Click Search Results] Zero-Click Search Results may offer answers or information to users without needing them to visit a website or spend additional time searching for answers or information.

According to statistics, Zero-click search results account for more than 50% of all Google search results, demonstrating that Google is capable of providing consumers with all of the information they need on a search engine results page (SERP).

The purpose of this article is to provide everyone with a better knowledge of [Zero-Click Search Results]. With Google’s Zero-Click Search, you can search for the phrase “new crown pneumonia” and then see the results without having to click anywhere.

First and foremost, you will be able to see the most recent news. There will be a list on the left since so many individuals need to grasp the present status of the new coronavirus in society. In real-time, you may see the overview, statistics, preventive measures, symptoms, news, health information, and so on, all of which are updated. This is the kind of information that the majority of people are looking for.

…On the right, you can see the map distribution of infected individuals and statistics on the number of infected individuals across the globe. All of them are at the top of every list. Because Google owns the SERP, it has the ability to utilize a large amount of development space and imagination to offer consumers search results directly.

The screenshot was taken on January 25, 2021, at 5:09:18 PM.png

And the most remarkable part is that Google is making every effort possible to keep visitors on their sites rather than going over to your website.

The fact that we are attempting to rank at the top of the search results means that more than half of mobile phone users will not click on any website, and earning a Feature Snippet will further decrease the number of people who click on your site.

But, let’s consider this question carefully: what is the ultimate objective of search engine optimization?

It is not a rating system! It’s time to get down to business!

If your website has the top ranking or even a key summary, consumers who desperately need your services or goods will still visit your website and click on the links to learn more about them!

They will also have more confidence in your business due to your rankings, which will alleviate their concerns regarding time-consuming online purchases.

Furthermore, [Zero-Click Search Results] Zero-Click Search is unquestionably a better and more convenient experience for users than traditional search engines.

How to enhance [Zero-Click Search Results] Zero-Click Search in 2021? How to improve [Zero-Click Search Results] Zero-Click Search in 2020?
What’s the best way to enhance [Zero-Click Search Results] Zero-Click Search in the next step?

I would recommend the following three major points:

1/ Create visually appealing and search-engine-optimized video material and upload it to YouTube.

  1. Establish a “Google My Business” profile for each of your company’s locations that is verified, complete, and updated on a regular basis.
    3/ Make improvements to the layout of your website, particularly the FAQ, location, and activities sections
    —Pngtree—search engine optimization (SEO) configuration
    E) Google My Business (also known as “Google My Business”)

Many Hong Kong businesses are unfamiliar with the concept of a regional search. Google Maps is widely utilized in Hong Kong, although the navigation feature is the most often used feature by most users.

For example, if you want to locate a hair salon in Yuen Long, you don’t want to see a hair salon in Central in the search results. If you want to discover a Shanghai restaurant with excellent ratings in Mong Kok, you don’t want to see a Shanghai restaurant in Central in the search results. Find and read reviews will be accomplished via the usage of Openrice. For example, instead of searching for a Shanghai restaurant in Mong Kok on Google Maps and examining its ratings….

In reality, in foreign countries, the Google search engine or Google Maps already provides a complete search capability as part of their basic search functionality. In Google, when people search for localized information, they can not only discover the service or product they need, but they can also see the product list, customer reviews, and other information about each firm.

Google My Business is becoming more important to Hong Kong businesses, which is a growing trend. Similarly, it is not difficult to anticipate that Google My Business would gain popularity in Hong Kong in the future. As a result, maximizing company information on [Google My Business] has become more essential, particularly for small companies in rural areas.

What exactly is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization ” (also known as SEO) is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which translates to ” search engine optimization ” in Chinese. The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to employ several techniques to help “search engines” comprehend your website’s content and subsequently have your website’s rating appear in natural search results. Before achieving the desired outcome, a high flow should be achieved. The ultimate objective of SEO is to have a website appear on the top page of search results, improve its visibility on the Internet, and impact online marketing on the website. To help you enhance your website’s ranking in HK SEO, we will continue to offer SEO training on the website in the future.


What is the necessity for SEO in businesses?
What is the necessity for SEO in business?
Today’s corporate website is just as important as a company’s physical location and phone number; yet, if consumers cannot locate your website in a search engine while searching for services or goods, the company’s image will surely be tarnished.

Customer perception of a website’s SEO position in the HK SEO search engine is that the business is dependable and that the brand is well-known.

Customers’ trust in a business grows due to better search engine rankings, and sales will surely rise as a result of the promotion’s online impact.

  1. It has the potential to save money on publicity expenses in the long term.
    SEO differs from YAHOO/GOOGLE bidding in many ways. On the site, you can see SEO keyword rankings. As long as they are kept in good condition, the ranking will not vary much. When searching, users will be able to view the company’s website as well as YAHOO/GOOGLE bidding. If you don’t have any money, your ranking vanishes. In the long term, search engine optimization may save a business a significant amount of money on publicity costs.

Secondly, improve the trustworthiness of the website.
Many people know that YAHOO/GOOGLE bids are paid advertisements and that as long as they pay, they may be shown on the homepage. There is no formality in the organization, and YAHOO/GOOGLE seems unconcerned about the goods and services. However, since SEO is an effect of natural ranking, it is necessary to remain persistent over time to see benefits, which may improve the popularity and trustworthiness over time.

  1. Increase the amount of people who visit the website’s pages.
    Following SEO optimization, it is highly efficient to raise your website’s natural ranking in search results, boost website visits, and encourage website marketing and company growth, all of which are beneficial.
  2. Increase the website’s visibility in search results.
    Natural ranking may enhance the presentation of great websites, raise the exposure of the website, and improve the development technology of web pages by increasing the visibility of fantastic websites.
  3. Increase the number of correct consumers that visit the website.
    Customer acquisition via SEO optimization is generally accurate, since the relevance of the website is only shown to fulfill the requirements of users, while the YAHOO/GOOGLE bidding is based on the appearance of the website, regardless of its relevance. It is possible to enhance the display as long as there is a term that triggers a keyword. The company’s publicity expenditures were squandered as a result of the huge potential.

The amount of monthly engine searches is 131 billion.

(Google has performed 100 billion searches.)

70 percent or more of users do not pay attention to engine advertisements

The SEO Culture in Hong Kong
We are extremely acquainted with the business climate in Hong Kong since we have all had first-hand experience with a variety of different business scenarios in the past.

We are aware of your time and resource constraints, and we will do all we can to meet your needs.

In Hong Kong, there is a culture of SEO.

When it comes to SEO, it is all about the long flow of water, naturally drawing consumers to the web, and naturally discovering customers via SEO ranks to accomplish the impact of online marketing.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong are unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO). Traditional wisdom holds that spending money on advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) is preferable. Still, they totally disregard the conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who may be turned into a company or an inquiry).

In reality, SEO HK is more successful than SEM in the following ways:

SEO is a method. The ultimate objective is to improve the conversion rate of visitors into customers and the amount of money made by the business.

SEO may help you attract the highest-quality visitors to your website and maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

SEO needs to appear in search results, and it also aids in developing your brand’s image.

The SEO Culture in Hong Kong
As a result of our own personal experience with the Hong Kong business climate, we are acquainted with the city’s business environment. We recognize that you have time and resource constraints, and we will do all we can to meet those constraints.

The SEO Culture in Hong Kong:

A long-term marketing approach, search engine optimization (SEO), delivers organic traffic to websites by achieving high rankings on search engines.

In Hong Kong, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO), and the majority of them choose to use paid advertising (Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or SEM Search Engine Marketing) instead of SEO. The significance of Conversion Rate, on the other hand, is being overlooked.

In fact, SEO in Hong Kong is more effective than SEM:

SEO is a route to follow. The ultimate goal is to TRANSFORM VISITORS INTO CUSTOMERS, which will result in an increase in revenue for the company.

SEO brings in QUALITY traffic, allowing you to accomplish your online marketing goals.

Improved search engine optimization (SEO) may increase how well your company appears in search results, which is essential for your company’s REPUTATION.

Why should you pick us?
We have a very high search engine optimization ranking: on average, more than 30 keywords are ranked in the publication’s first edition.

For more than 15 years, I have been involved in the internet marketing business in Hong Kong.

The very first investigation on worldwide SEO. In recent years, the primary emphasis has been on search engine optimization (SEO) in the Chinese market and other kinds of online marketing.

Every year, advertising expenditures for clients total more than 1.5-2 million dollars.

Over 1,000 terms are ranked on the Hong Kong Google homepage every year, according to Google.

Efficient Plan created just for you based on your budget and goals.
Created the most efficient strategy possible, customized to your objectives and financial constraints.
Content created specifically for your website’s search engine optimization.
Specify how your website’s content will be optimized for search engines.
One-on-one service to monitor the development of your HK SEO Plan and only high-quality service is provided.
There will always be someone monitoring your “HK SEO Hong Kong” development, which will never be sloppy.
Content created specifically for your website’s search engine optimization.
Perform regional keyword research based on your target market’s preferences and effectively include SEO keywords into your website’s content.
A professional technical team will set up your SEO. Professional and technical experts are in charge of setting up all of the SEO work.

Provide concise and easy-to-understand progress reports consistently.
Provide you with frequent progress reports that are simple to comprehend and include clear and concise information.

Interested in learning more about advertising services?
Considering what to pay attention to while marketing Baidu
Some of the Baidu search engine characteristics are very distinctive, and their ranking techniques and ideas are also quite different from those of the Google and Yahoo search engines. Allow us to clarify what exactly needs to be addressed here.

A) The language of the website
Because the domestic search engine is targeted at people in China, the primary language must be Simplified Chinese instead of Traditional Chinese. If your website is only available in English or Traditional Chinese, the likelihood of it being found by Chinese visitors will drop. Simplified Chinese versions of many Hong Kong business websites have been created to appeal to the local market in addition to traditional Chinese and English versions of their websites.

B) The server room
In a similar vein to Google, domestic search engines are susceptible to the server’s location hosting the results. This is owing to the immense strength of China’s formidable firewall! It goes without saying that if your website is situated outside of China, its rating will not be as high as that of websites based inside China.

The relocation of the website to the nation, on the other hand, would affect website traffic in other areas. According to the author, you may put links to Chinese websites on existing websites and build up simpler websites with unique local domain names in China, rather than creating new websites from scratch. This cost is not prohibitively expensive, and it may be used to accomplish the effects of diversion and ranking optimization. In China, the cost of putting up a basic modular website may be as little as $1000, but of course, if you want to create a better website, you will have to pay a larger price, but it is still much less expensive than setting up a website abroad.

C) Words that are sensitive on a website
When doing any kind of marketing in China, it is important to be mindful of the politically charged language used in the nation. Because everyone is aware of how powerful China’s firewall is, it is important to avoid using terms such as 8964, democratic movement, Falun Gong, and so on on the website. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare if your website was blocked from entering China.

It’s also important to pay attention to certain phrases that come up throughout various seasons, such as the Mark Six Lottery, Hong Kong delivery, finding a girl, surrogacy, and so on…. These are referred to be marginal terms, and although they are not prohibited, they are nevertheless unlawful.

D) Products created by the searcher
Baidu, like Google, offers a large number of ancillary goods that show in the search engine results. The density of Baidu’s goods, on the other hand, is greater than that of Google. More than 60% of the search results for nearly one version are for goods related to the original version.

For example, Baidu Baike, Baidu Tieba, and other such goods will need a significant effort from certain individuals. If you look at the results more closely, you will see that many of them have an image next to them. In reality, the underlying concept is the same as that of Google’s Markup language.

E) Search engine advertisements / organic keyword search
According to the various varied goods of the search engine, Baidu click advertising must be paid for marketing to be effective.

There are certain criteria for the Baidu search engine; for example, is there a minimum monthly sales fee? Alternatively, some kinds of businesses are unable to establish accounts, among other restrictions.

Identify a well-known promotion firm to examine if you want to create search engine advertising campaigns.

So that we may be successful in our domestic marketing efforts?
Is it possible to market it effectively in China?
To effectively advertise a new market, there is no “one size fits all” method that can be used to achieve success.

Every company or product is required to collaborate with various kinds of marketing tactics to be successful.

Furthermore, the Chinese market is huge. With a population of 1.4 billion people, if you want your brand to be in front of everyone, the cost of the pure display is already too expensive, let alone if you want them to know about, enjoy, or purchase your goods, the costs of marketing are prohibitively expensive.

You must evaluate your marketing approach about your budget and the rate at which your product is being developed, just as you would in any other country.

The essential thing to remember is to calculate each marketing step using ROI (return on investment) as a guideline.

Because Hong Kong now offers many fund applications for marketing and brand development in the Mainland, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can reduce the financial strain they are under to enter the Mainland market and grow their businesses.

Why should you pick us?
We have been firmly established in Hong Kong for many years regarding the constantly shifting marketing tactics and channels. We are intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities encountered by local SMEs. We began developing the Mainland promotion plan two years ago. We established teams in Guangzhou and Nanjing to become familiar with the various promotion methods used in the north and south of the country, allowing our customers to confidently delegate their domestic promotion work to us in a one-stop manner, saving them time and money.

Efficient Plan created just for you based on your budget and goals.
Created the most efficient strategy possible, customized to your objectives and financial constraints.
Content created specifically for your website’s SEO.
Content for your website should be optimized specifically for it.
One-on-one service to monitor the development of your Baidu Ads Plan; we only offer HIGH-QUALITY service.
A dedicated person will be assigned to monitor the development of your “Baidu Advertising,” which will never be sloppy.
Content created specifically for your website’s Baidu SEO.
Perform regional keyword research based on your target market’s preferences, then include Baidu keywords into your website with care.
A professional technical team will set up your Baidu Ads.
All Baidu advertising settings are overseen by a team of professional and technical staff members.
Provide concise and easy-to-understand progress reports consistently.
Provide you with frequent progress reports that are simple to comprehend and include clear and concise information.
Please contact us if you would like to learn more about SEM Baidu to promote a country’s policies or if you would want us to create a successful and within-budget domestic marketing plan for your company’s brand.